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Carawin is an Omni-Channel, multilingual Career Assessment cum Career Guidance and Career Counselling platform supported by a Mentor-Mentee App designed and developed by Alumnus from top institutes like IITs and IIMs.

CARAWIN offers a holistic programme to students to facilitate their career decision-making process. CARAWIN works as a technology-enabled eco-system for career planning, development, and mentoring of school students from the 6th grades through 12th grades.

The platform blends Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with strategic human interventions to help students and parents choose the ideal career path. CARAWIN starts with a scientific assessment of the student’s profile, which evaluates each student on over 100 dimensions, and generates career recommendations that fit the student’s style, interest, personality, aptitude, and emotional quotient.

Our team of expert Career building Professionals guides the students on the basis of their academics, their Career Assessment test and interest to choose the best fit career and guide them in the best possible way. The students can approach the Psychologists to get all type of emotional or mental support on their individual problems.


For Student

Multi-Dimensional Personality Assessment

7 Step multi-dimensional career assessment battery, which has an algorithm-driven, semi-automated career planner, tracker and course correction mechanism.

Patterns of Intellectual Thoughts

Well planned module to guide an individual’s ideas and thoughts to a productive outcome.

Development Plan for Individuals

Detailed career plan and report on the student’s scientific assessment over 56 dimensions and career recommendations accordingly.


Statistical analysis of an individual’s performance and interests to find the right career opportunity through regular interventions.

Personalised Counselling Sessions and Skill Analysis

Enabled with strong research-based tools, our team of experts provide students proper guidance and counselling at each step. The experts track the student’s entire journey through monthly and quarterly interventions to undertake necessary course corrections.

Expert Opinions, Suggestions & Problem Solving

Individuals seeking help at an academic or personal level would be guided by our exclusive Mentor Connect App.


Reverse Counselling

Active involvement of parents in shaping an individual’s career and taking the right career decision based on his/her interest and capabilities.


Our Assessments serve as a gateway for parents to understand their individual’s aspirations and capabilities and shape his/her career accordingly rather than burdening them with their dreams.

Customised Progress Tracking

Parents can track their ward’s progress by attending the periodic mentoring sessions and data-driven reports based on our assessment tests. Personality Development – Gradual growth in an individual’s personality and self-confidence can be monitored after the assessments and counselling sessions.


Proactive Management

Student-oriented progress and changes can be made on the analytical data provided through the assessment of an Individual or Class.

Leadership Board

An individual’s all-round progress and performance can be monitored and appreciated by our data-driven statistics.

Blueprint Creation

The profiling of every individual helps the administration to create a blueprint or strategy to bring revolutionary advancements in teaching methodology and ecosystem.


The Mentor Connect App will add on to the organisation’s value proposition.

Career Assessment

Career assessment is the process of gathering information of an individual with the help of tools, structured tests, personality traits, choices etc. to identify the next educational choice or act as a guiding tool for career exploration and career discernment.

Career Counselling

“Counselling” is carried out by a professional having skills to understand human psychology, personality and one who guides an individual in positive direction. A counsellor helps an individual to see things clearly, from a different perspective. This enables the individual to focus on feelings, career goals with an aim to facilitate positive changes in his/her ecosystem.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance is a designed program to help individuals acquire knowledge, basic skills, increase their experience and implement informed educational and professional choices. These professional choices, in the long run determine an individual’s social, financial and emotional well-being throughout. Career guidance is always sought by individuals to make mature and informed decisions.



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